Friday, June 22, 2007

A Day In Nica - June 17th

We went on a tour of the Isletas today. At first I was amazed as we slowly bubbled through the river bends through the Discovery channel movie, I felt like we could have been making a movie about it all.

We first stopped on one of the islands that had an old fortress on it. The stairs were interesting as they were very steep. There were cutouts in the wall for canons and one of the old iron shooters still in the fortress. It had been built during the Spanish colonial times and was no longer used but it was still a good tourist attraction. We left for more of the tour and we came upon some islands that were house properties. For only 400,000.00 you could have not only your own home but your own island as well. At this point, that price would buy you the home with an electricity hook up, water hook up and the island. Some of the houses were amazing, something out of a Dr. Seuss book, built more vertically to utilize the space.

We then came upon an island with monkeys on it and I was in awe of their 5 limb travel. Their tails simply are another hand. They were so aware and their demeanor felt even more human then my own. So interested and natural, we fed them bananas and bread. Sydney got some great photos and I took some of my own mental images as well. They were way more involved than anything I had seen in the zoos. We continued to an island where we ate lunch, went for a quick swim and then we returned home.

Next Sunday we shall go to Laguna De Apollo and I am looking forward to swimming in some clear water.

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