Tuesday, July 3, 2007

San Juan Del Sick - July 2

Sydney is pretty sick. Today she has been bedridden because she is too weak to really move. She has all of the symptoms of food poisoning of some kind. With the stress of the weekend in San Juan del Sur, she is pretty run down. She has been drinking Gatorade to replenish some lost water and electrolytes and she has eaten a single package of soda crackers. As far as I know, time is now the only other remedy.

This weekend was suppose to be a fun, relaxing time and some of it was but for the most part we were in constant motion from one thing to the next. On Friday, we left without eating breakfast because we got up with just enough time to get to Hazell’s office. I have to keep remembering that everyone is going to show up late. We were so set on getting there at 8:00 but we could have stopped to get breakfast. It is really important to take care of yourself here because otherwise it will come back to you later.
So we left for Diria, which is a small town west of Granada, only a few kilometers. We received a ride for free, one of the only times I am sure we will get somewhere free, efficient and smoothly. We arrived so that we could help with the distribution of school supplies. It was actually a very nice time to just be able to hand out something simple but to the recipients, it was a little more money in their pockets.
One girl even came on her own because her mother was an alcoholic. The teachers said she came to school everyday on her own, she did her work diligently and never skipped a beat. For a first grader you could say that she was quite motivated.
After we handed out school supplies, we got a ride to the bus station where we were to pick up the next bus. We got on the bus and stood at first but soon were able to sit down. The buses are crowded, crowded, crowded. I am sure somewhere else in the world, you could find a more crowded bus but right then and there, fat and sweaty men and women with dirty children on their laps, all crowded on an old yellow school bus 4-wheel driving through potholes and dirt roads. It was a fun time.
In the turmoil of the aged transportation, I was reading about the super conscious levels that all human beings were potentially able to acquire. It sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo but in fact at that point I was tasting what it was to be in a state of complete Emptiness. After my lesson in Spiritual Enlightenment, I could understand what it was like to be able to relate to everyone. Not based on anything but the fact that everyone has a witness, a void, an emptiness that is behind the lies of their subjective identity. Behind all communication, physical awareness and eyes is the Emptiness that each of us shares with everything else. Furthermore, there is nowhere that does not have this emptiness. As soon as I was able to see the emptiness in others I was only on the edge of relating with the mountain. It is so hard to be able to realize a mountain, an environment, the wholeness of reality. I felt like the more I tried the further away from my goal I was getting. At best, I felt a sense of relaxation and compassion for everything, every circumstance and every possibility, for the whole of the past, present and future, inside and out, together.
We arrived in Rivas, got on another bus to San Juan and it started all over again. We arrived in San Juan fatigued and sweaty. Always sweaty, always. The hostel was cheap, 6.50 a night with a private toilet and shower, a bed with a sheet and security. We went and ate at a small hole in the wall inside the market, a large hole in the wall. Even after everything we were told in the United States about proper food handling, there was no way you could always

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keith said...

I can relate to the spiritual aspect of your travel.I see it as an awakening. We are all asleep.And I think we will all eventually awaken.
I don t know if the following is true or not..it is just my point of view.
I am told that the process for awakening was established at the beginning of time. I am told to acknowledge that the problem is the dream I made in any painful situation. The dream figures are acting out my instructions. If
I give the dream to infinite intelligence´/ one spirit, then he reinstructs the dream figures. Including the dream figure of time.This places me in eternity, where there is no suffering.
My path is A Course in Miracles,which as I said, I refuse to label as true or not.,since that is not my function. Jesus claims to be the author of acim,and says he has already learned the lesson and demonstrated , but the world mostly misunderstood. Modern Christianity emphasis that the world and thus suffering is real. If the world were real, there would be no escape,c ause you can t change reality.Label it as your dream, and the process works as it was designed.
Jesus says no wordly teacher can teach you, cause any worldy teacher is just a dream figure in your dream. You can t follow a dream figure , and give up the dream. Jesus says that if we are not successful in gving up all our dreams, he will collect the residue for us, and complete the job. But don t think of him as a body, but as a symbol for removal of bad dreams. Your dreamis then replaced with a happy dream.
Jesus says he is available to anyone in this this world,and that he will even chorreograph the dream sequence.In other words,determine what seems to happen to you in your dream, and which dreams to process.